【2023年度】University of Tsukuba life briefing session 第2回 留学生向け


加藤 夕貴

Hello! Arrive; say, and is Yoshida of the representative of editorial department. For an examinee to Univ. of Tsukuba straight/University of Tsukuba, I hold an event to explain the beginning of the single life this time!

Myself became the alumnus who graduated from creature resources studies of University of Tsukuba in 2018, too, but might be uneasy without a lot of information that it was not revealed that I did not actually enter it being able to image the life of a thing and the single life of the class of University of Tsukuba before an examination venue and how to spend, entrance to school until examination time before an entrance examination.

I invite active Univ. of Tsukuba student, and life after charm, single life preparations, the entrance to school of University of Tsukuba actually understands at this event! It is a briefing session of the active live going on the platform! “You should have put a this shop,” but it disappears, and, after the entrance to school, there is no difference between a good starting dash being sharp.

*As the question from participant answers freely, please participate casually.

I do not know entrance to school preparations! Univ. of Tsukuba alumnus explains it carefully!

Entrance to school documents arrive within seven days after a pass of University of Tsukuba was decided. There are in all 19 or more kinds of documents in the entrance to school documents and is quantity and the contents which it cannot process only in students.

On the other hand, the submission of documents deadline has many things that the schedule including less than two weeks is tight. I give it a lecture about an item losing it if I do not submit it with the part which you should confirm in entrance to school documents by all means this time by a date.

I want to know the student life ♪ I comment on attractive Univ. of Tsukuba life!

University of Tsukuba is secondly an overall pattern national university with big plottage in the whole country. Around University of Tsukuba, a student and the staff of a school of about 16,000 live. I easily comment on how to spend charm of University of Tsukuba where Kenkyugakuen city is also called and many students, staff of a school. In addition, I reply it about a circle and the part-time job of Univ. of Tsukuba student carefully!

I want to dissolve the uneasiness of the entrance examination! Active Univ. of Tsukuba student answers the question of the entrance examination♪

On the day the Univ. of Tsukuba current students (arrive say an editorial department) go on the platform, too. It is an opportunity to be able to hear life after how to spend the examination period, how to spend after the pass and the entrance to school openly. Let alone a question, anything is OK! I reply it by the contents which I can answer honestly simply because it is the company which Univ. of Tsukuba alumnus and active play run. In addition, the consultation of the house is possible in a flat simply because it is not a real estate company.

I want to dissolve the uneasiness of the single life! I advise you who leave the home.  

There should be much one that lives as one only after becoming a university student. A home apart, need to perform cooking, washing, cleaning by oneself comes out. Of course a thing of the money or various procedures are self-responsibilities when I live as one. An alumnus shares the following knowledge with active Univ. of Tsukuba student!


7月22日(金) 18:00〜19:00


Required knowledge for the first half year entrance examination, the single life

・The beginning of the cooking food for oneself
・The way of various procedures of the water supply energy bill
・Art of the saving that Univ. of Tsukuba student practices
・I choose/parttimer about cost of living
・The spot introduction that is convenient for the life in the outskirts

Thought to a plan

It is a plan for examinee, protectors who took an edition entrance examination of University of Tsukuba.Univ. of Tsukuba out of bounds and active life send rial of charm and the life of Univ. of Tsukuba. In “such thought to want” younger student to know that “I wanted to know before entrance to school” that they say, and the editorial department experienced that I arrive beforehand, I hold it every year.

Holding form

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第1部:In self-introduction/Univ. of Tsukuba, this is great!
About the purchase goods before preparations, entrance to school before                       entrance to school
I thoroughly comment on University of Tsukuba surrounding environment 
Art to live as one around Univ. of Tsukuba 
University of Tsukuba neighboring recommended apartment introduction                     powerd by Issei Corporation
If even this is made, I get the friend immediately! Q&A corner♪

It is recommended to such a person

・I want to know University of Tsukuba before entrance to school
・I want to know whether the single life is risky
・I want to know the University of Tsukuba surrounding environment(Safe place, the place that is not good)
・I want you to tell the expense on living around University of Tsukuba
・I want to know what kind of thing is waiting if I enter University of Tsukuba
・Anyway, I want the study for examination to recreate itself
・I want to raise motivation for Univ. of Tsukuba entrance examination

entrance fee


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