【The Year 2023】 University of Tsukuba Student Life Information Session No.1 – Transfer Students♪ Preparation for Entrance to the University of Tsukuba


加藤 夕貴

Hello! This is Yoshida, the representative of TSUKUIE editorial team. This time, we will be holding an event for University of Tsukuba students/exam students to explain how to start living on your own!

I graduated from the University of Tsukuba in 2018. Before entering the university, I was anxious because there was little information available, and I could not visualize the classes and the life of living alone.

This event is an information session where current University of Tsukuba students will be on stage to show you what the University of Tsukuba has to offer, how to prepare for living on your own, and what life will be like after enrollment! We are sure that everyone will get off to a good start after entering the university.
*Any questions from participants will be answered. Please feel free to attend.

Attractive student life at the University of Tsukuba!

The University of Tsukuba is a comprehensive national university with the second largest site area in Japan. Approximately 16,000 students and faculty members reside in the area surrounding the university. The following is a brief description of the charms of Tsukuba City, known as the Science and Academy City, and how many students and faculty members spend their daily lives. We will also give detailed answers about clubs and part-time jobs for the students!

A current student of the University of Tsukuba (Tsukuei editorial staff) will also be on the stage on the day. This is an opportunity to ask detailed questions about life after entering the university. Any questions are welcome! We will candidly answer questions that can only be answered by us, a company run by University of Tsukuba alumni and current students. Also, because we are not a real estate company, we are able to provide fair housing advice.

Advice for those anxious about living alone 

Many college students will be living on their own for the first time. Leaving their parents’ house, they will need to do their own cooking, laundry, and cleaning. Of course, you will also have to take care of financial matters and various procedures by yourself. Current and former students of the University of Tsukuba will share their knowledge on the following!

Friday, August 25, 18:00-19:00

Essential knowledge for starting to live alone

・How to start cooking for yourself 
・How to follow various procedures such as utilities, etc.
・Cost of living and choosing a part-time job
・Introduction of convenient places to live around the universit

Thoughts on the project

This project is designed for students and parents who have taken the University of Tsukuba’s transfer exam.Alumni and current students at the University of Tsukuba will tell you about the attractiveness of the University of Tsukuba and the reality of life there. We, the editorial staff of TSUKUIE, want our younger students to know “what we wanted to know before entering the university”, which we also experienced in the past. We hold this information session every year with this in mind.


zoom webinar
*We will distribute the URL at a later date after you register.


Part1: Self-Introduction/University of Tsukuba is great here!
Part2:Tips for living alone around the University of Tsukuba 
Part3:Recommended Apartments around the University of Tsukuba
Part4:Q&A Corner♪ If you can do this, you can make friends quickly!

Recommended for students who

・want to know about the University of Tsukuba before entering the university
・want to know about the risks of living alone.
・want to know about the environment around the University of Tsukuba (where is it safe and where is it not)
・want to know the cost of living around the University of Tsukuba.
・want to know what to expect when I enter the University of Tsukuba.
・want to motivate themselves for the entrance exam of the University of Tsukuba.

Participation Fee
students/General public:Free of charge
Participation Fee

Facilitator:Shun Yoshida

Graduated from the University of Tsukuba, School of Bioresources in 2018. After graduation, he founded Inc. He manages apartment information media and part-time job information media specialized for University of Tsukuba students. These media boast 1 million PV and 400,000 UUs per year.

Panelist: Yuki Kato

A second-year student at the University of Tsukuba’s Department of Chemistry, Science and Engineering. In the summer of her junior year of high school, she decided to apply to the University of Tsukuba as her first choice. She currently lives alone in an apartment near the university and is a member of a dance club. As a current student, she will share the reality of student life at the University of Tsukuba.

Panelist: Sumire Hara

A second-year student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Tsukuba. Currently resides in Global Village. Belongs to a tennis club.